Are you looking for talented creatives?

Are you looking for a talented graphic designer or social media manager? Are you having trouble meeting the right person for the job? This is a common issue that a lot of people experience, especially when they are on a limited budget. Although this is the most connected the world has been, some of us still find it difficult to meet people with the right skills for their projects. The list below outlines some of the ways to find the perfect person for the task without spending a penny on advertising!

1) Facebook groups are still amazing places to find talented freelancers and interns who are looking for work and new opportunities. There are hundreds if not thousands of Facebook groups that you can join and post your opportunity in (sometimes check with the admin for permission – they often prefer that). You will find that people in career orientated groups are friendly and also happy to make referrals. 

2) LinkedIn is the home of the professional, especially those who are looking to network and meet like minded people. The good thing about LinkedIn is that you can search for people by job title, sector, region and more, so you can really find someone with the exact skill set and contact them directly.

3) Instagram is a great place to find talent as people use hashtags to describe their skills (, designer, life coach etc ) and you can see examples of their work on their page. Most people share their career experiences and tips for potential customers to view and add a link in their bio for more information.

4) Websites such as Fiver or Freelancer are great places to look for skilled freelancers, who are willing to compete for your business. Both sites offer competitive rates for a range of work, no matter your budget. Also, you can request a quick turnaround for the job.

5) The last option on the list is Whatsapp, which is full of friends of friends, who have a friend that can make a referral! Post a short Whatsapp status stating what you need and someone should respond (or ask some who has more contacts than you to post it).